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You have a Server Core 2012 installation and all roles and features removed. The server does not have access to Windows Update. You mount the network volume containing the installation files for Server 2012. You need to install DNS and DHCP server role. Which directory do you reference for installing?


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You only want to share a printer with Group1, administrators, central owner and operators.

(Choose two.)


A.      Add permissions to Group1

B.      Remove permissions from administrators

C.      Add permissions to operators

D.      Add permissions to Central Owner

E.       Remove permissions from everyone.


Correct Answer: AE




A laptop with server 2012 OS, you need to ensure that server 2012 can use wireless network adapter. What should you do first?


A.      use server manager to install the Wireless LAN Service Role

B.      use server manager to install the Wireless Network Role

C.      use server manager to install the Wireless LAN Service Feature

D.      use server manager to install the Wireless Network Feature


Correct Answer: C




You run a Windows 2012 Hyper-V Role Server, you need to shrink the size of files.vhd (200GB).

Using the Edit Virtual Disk Wizard what option should you choose?


A.      Compact

B.      Shrink

C.      Resize

D.      Convert


Correct Answer: D




You have two servers named Server1 and Server2 that run Windows Server 2012. Server1 and Server2 are part of a workgroup. On Server1, you add Server2 to Server Manager. When you attempt to connect to Server2 from Server Manager, you receive the following error message: “Credentials not valid.” You need to ensure that you can manage Server2 from Server1 by using Server Manager on Server1. What should you do?


A.      On Server 2, run the Configure-SmRemotingcmdlet.

B.      On Server 1, run the Set-NetFirewallRulecmdlet.

C.      On Server 1, run the Set-Item cmdlet.

D.      On Server 2, install the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT).


Correct Answer: C




You have a shared folder named Share1. The folder permissions of Share1 are configured as shown in the Folder Permissions exhibit.




The Share permissions of Share1 are configured as shown in the Share Permissions exhibit.




You have a group named Group1. The members of Group1 are shown in the Group1 exhibit.




Select Yes if the statement can be shown to be true based on the available information;

otherwise select No. Each correct selection is worth one point.


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You have a server named Server1 that runs a Server Core installation of Windows Server 2012 Standard. You establish a Remote Desktop session to Server1. You need to identify which task can be performed on Server1 from within the Remote Desktop session. What should you identify?


A.      Modify the network settings by using MSconfig.

B.      Join a domain by using the System Properties.

C.      Disable services by using Msconfig.

D.      Install a feature by using Server Manger.


Correct Answer: A




Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains two servers named Server1 and Server2 that run Windows Server 2012. You create a security template named Template1 by using the Security Templates snap-in. You need to App1y Template1 to Server2. Which tool should you use?


A.      Local Security Policy

B.      Server Manager

C.      Authorization Manager

D.      Security Templates


Correct Answer: B






Your network contains two Active Directory forests named and A two-way forest trust exists between the forests. You have custom starter Group Policy objects (GPOs) defined in You need to ensure that the same set of custom starter GPOs are available in In the table below, identify which action must be performed for the starter GPOs container in each forest. Make only one selection in two of the rows. Each correct selection is worth one point.


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You have a server named Server1. Server1 runs Windows Server 2012 and is located in a perimeter network. You need to configure a custom connection security rule on Server1. The rule must encrypt network communications across the Internet to a computer at another company. Which authentication method should you configure in the connection security rule?


A.      Advanced

B.      User (Kerberos V5)

C.      Computer (Kerberos V5)

D.      Computer and user (Kerberos V5)

E.       Default


Correct Answer: A



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