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Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques

Question No: 61

What makes it possible to measure advance progress during Business Transformation?

  1. KPI#39;s

  2. TCO

  3. ROI

  4. ROCE

  5. WACC

Answer: A

Question No: 62

Which two options best describes sales leadership role during outcome-based selling? (Choose two.)

  1. Ensuring the stakeholders are empowered to make the sales decisions.

  2. Providing an understanding of the average ticket size of the customer.

  3. Providing visionary leadership.

  4. Helping the systems engineers construct the appropriate BOM.

  5. Allowing the sales team to forecast with an understanding of where the customer is in the buying process.

Answer: C,E

Question No: 63

Which action is a recommended way to capture concerns about benefits?

  1. Ask people their opinion in a large group meeting.

  2. Conduct a focus group with people who are close to the plan and who know the business area.

  3. Watch a user who is trying to do her job.

  4. Include a question in the company employee satisfaction survey.

Answer: B

Question No: 64

Which statement about how Business Model Canvas diagrams are a useful tool is true?

  1. They depict the operating procedures for system management.

  2. They establish a consensus view among customer executives about the organization strategy and major processes.

  3. They decompose the processes for a single department.

  4. They identify the bottlenecks within a customer service process.

Answer: B

Question No: 65

Which statement about why stakeholder analysis for a large initiative can be challenging is true?

  1. A higher level of politics and uncertainty typically exists with larger initiatives.

  2. The IT department most likely has a higher level of influence as compared to other projects.

  3. The stakeholder analysis 2×2 framework – interest vs. power – only works for small scope projects.

  4. It is necessary to assess 90% or more of the stakeholders for an effort.

Answer: A

Question No: 66

Which is the result of establishing goals, objectives and smart objectives in an organization?

  1. Measured results with KPIs

  2. An appropriate Project Management

  3. A better CANVAS

  4. A better Business Process

Answer: A

Question No: 67

Which option describes what extending requirements analysis allows you to do?

  1. expand the scope of your project

  2. give you more time to deliver on existing project commitments

  3. go beyond the initial core requirements, to the next level of need, while also adding in new capabilities and solutions

  4. speed up the procurement process for a cloud-based solution

Answer: C

Question No: 68

Which information is the most important to know early in a business requirements project?

  1. the customer#39;s go-to-market approach for generating revenue

  2. competitor prices

  3. the organizational structure

  4. the company#39;s budget for marketing products planned for two years in the future

Answer: A

Question No: 69

Which option can assist with determining technology requirements arising from a customer initiative to implement a business process improvement?

  1. Create a Use Case diagram to model the improved business process and from this determine what technology is required.

  2. Use the Business Motivation Model to analyze business and technology requirements for a given initiative.

  3. Undertake an Ishikawa Analysis to determine root causes and determine how technology can resolve these issues.

  4. Perform a gap analysis between quot;as-isquot; and quot;to-bequot; states to determine what technology will be required.

Answer: D

Question No: 70

Which option is part of an implementation strategy?

  1. names of employees and their user IDs

  2. completion criteria for major work packages that are dependent on other projects

  3. name of the finance rep who is responsible for tracking costs

  4. response time requirements for executive quarterly update videos

Answer: B

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