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TS: Designing, Assessing, and Optimizing Software Asset Management (SAM)

Question No: 51

You plan to perform a software entitlement reconciliation for a customer. The customer provides the following reports:

路Reseller purchase history

路Microsoft License Statement (MLS)

Both reports contain the following data fields:

路Purchase order number and date

路Product description

You need to identify which additional data field should be included in the reports.

Which field should you identify?

  1. Agreement enrollment number

  2. Customer name

  3. Manufacturer part number

  4. Purchase order date

Answer: C

Question No: 52

You plan to do a SAM optimization assessment for a customer. The customer has no documented SAM processes or defined roles.

You need to gather information for the assessment. What should you do?

  1. Collect sample SAM process documents.

  2. Formally document the customer#39;s SAM processes.

  3. Review the customer#39;s Active Directory forest structure.

  4. Interview managers who have SAM-related responsibilities.

Answer: D

Question No: 53

You manage the software and hardware retirement process for a customer. The customer does not have Microsoft Software Assurance.

The customer plans to retire desktop computers that have the following characteristics:

路All hardware is more than three years old.

路All desktop computers have Windows preinstalled.

路All Microsoft Office licenses are purchased under a volume license agreement. You need to recommend a solution for reusing licenses.

What should you recommend?

  1. Reuse none of the licenses.

  2. Reuse all licenses for Office.

  3. Reuse all licenses for Windows.

  4. Purchase Software Assurance and reuse all licenses.

Answer: B

Question No: 54

Your customer has one office. All software and hardware purchasing is centralized. You need to define the scope of a SAM program assessment for the customer. Which information should you collect?

  1. current license versions

  2. install, move, add, change (IMAC) activities

  3. list of people responsible for SAM sign-off

  4. quantity of server licenses

Answer: C

Question No: 55

You collect the following information from a customer:

路Volume license agreements

路Hardware and software inventory procedures

You need to define the scope of a SAM program assessment for the customer. Which information should you use?

  1. physical asset locations

  2. preferred software vendor

  3. number of contract employees

  4. number of IT staff

Answer: A

Question No: 56

Your customer plans to improve the application recognition of a software inventory tool.

You need to measure the performance of the application recognition function. Which metric should you use?

  1. software purchases compared to software requests

  2. software purchases from authorized vendors

  3. software requests compared to software installations

  4. unknown software executables in the environment

Answer: D

Question No: 57

Your customer has an Active Directory forest that contains a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (CfgMgr) server.

Users have portable computers that are frequently disconnected from the network.

The customer does not have a change management system in place. The current hardware inventory is out-of-date.

You need to update the hardware inventory to meet the following requirements:

路Ensure that all desktop and portable computers are included in the inventory.

路Minimize the amount of time it takes to update the inventory. What should you do?

  1. Perform a network discovery scan.

  2. Perform a manual count of all desktop computers.

  3. Gather install, move, add, change (IMAC) activities.

  4. Gather information from the Active Directory database, the CfgMgr database, and the purchasing history.

Answer: A

Question No: 58

Your software acquisition policy includes the following statements:

路Receiving must be managed.

路Purchasing must be centralized.

You need to improve the software acquisition policy. Which process should you add to the policy?

  1. Collect all historical purchasing information.

  2. Collect all historical proof of licenses (POLs).

  3. Purchase from any software vendor.

  4. Purchase from only approved software vendors.

Answer: D

Question No: 59

Your customer#39;s network contains servers that run only Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition. The network has both physical and virtual servers deployed.

The customer creates a complete inventory of all servers.

You need to collect additional information to identify the customer#39;s licensing requirements for Windows Server 2008.

What additional information should you collect?

  1. the number of physical processors

  2. the number of physical machines running virtualization software

  3. the number of virtual processors

  4. the number of virtual machines running on each physical host computer

Answer: D

Question No: 60

Rate your level of proficiency with IT procurement, IT contract negotiations and management (i.e. software licensing, terms and conditions), and IT operations (i.e. application package management, network administration).

  1. Very High

  2. High

  3. Moderate

  4. Low

  5. Very Low

Answer: A

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