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IBM z Systems Technical Support

Question No: 1

A retail customer has been using a tool that encrypts data-at-rest with symmetric encryption to meet PCI-DSS requirements. However they have discovered through an audit that they lack key management procedures.

Which product can they use to immediately address this procedural gap?

  1. CPACF

  2. LSMFT

  3. RACF

  4. EKMF

Answer: C

Question No: 2

A customer wants to restrict access to a subnet in their network to a discreet number of employers. The customer tried to restrict it through firewalls, but this solution only handles the IP addresses.

Which solution will allow them to restrict access to z/OS users?

  1. IP defensive filtering in z/OS Communications Server

  2. Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) in z/OS Communications Server

  3. Certificate management in z/OS

  4. SERVAUTH class in RACF

Answer: D

Question No: 3

Which solution is the most cost-effective to provide added capacity for a scheduled 24 hour maintenance outage?

  1. CPM (Capacity Provisioning Manager)

  2. OOCoD (On/Off Capacity on Demand)

  3. CPE (Capacity for Planned Event)

  4. CBU (Capacity Backup)

Answer: B

Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/z/advantages/resiliency/datadriven/cuod.html

Question No: 4

A customer has installed a z13 processor with two cryptographic coprocessors for redundancy.

What is the maximum number of z/OS LPARs that can share the installed cryptographic coprocessors?

  1. 85

  2. 32

  3. 96

  4. 63

Answer: A

Reference: https://share.confex.com/share/124/webprogram/Handout/Session16647/SHARE 124%

20Session 16647 2 March 2015.pdf

Question No: 5

Which set of capabilities belongs to IBM DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF)?

  1. Queries and reporting, Dashboards and analytics Built-in data visualizations and graphical reports Supported in TSO, CICS, IMS, and WebSphere runtime

  2. Managing data properly over its lifetime

    Organization are better equipped to support business goals with less risk

  3. Manages master data for single or multiple domains:

    Customers, patients, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, services offerings, accounts and more Aimed at improving application amp; business process effectiveness

  4. Query and reporting

Analysis, dashboarding, and scorecarding on a single, service-oriented architecture (SOA) real-time monitoring, collaboration, and predictive analytics

Answer: A

Reference: http://www- 01.ibm.com/common/ssi/printableversion.wss?docURL=/common/ssi/rep_sm/f/649/ ENUS5697-QMF/index.html (highlights)

Question No: 6

A customer has a z13 server. They plan to use STP for accessing an external time source (UTC).

Which of the following techniques can be used to get the time information in this scenario?

  1. SE dial out to an external time reference

  2. Configuration of a NTP client on the HMC which assesses an external NTP server

  3. Use of an external time reference (9037-002) in an STP Mixed CTN (Coordinated Timing Network)

  4. Edit PR/SM to connect oscillator cards to tlsdate server

Answer: C

Question No: 7

Which is the maximum number of links for each coupling link type supported on a z13 with one CPC drawer?

  1. 20 ICA, 16 Infiniband 12X, 8 Infiniband 1X

  2. 20 ICA, 16 Infiniband 12X, 16 Infiniband 1X

  3. 20 ICA, 8 Infiniband 12X, 4 Infiniband 1X

  4. 20 ICA, 8 Infiniband 12X, 16 Infiniband 1X

Answer: A

Question No: 8

A client is faced with very complex operational business planning and scheduling decisions.

Which IBM product should be recommended?

  1. Cognos Business Intelligence for z/OS

  2. InfoSphere information service

  3. DB2 Query management facility

  4. ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Answer: D

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/websphere/optimization/planning-scheduling/

Question No: 9

What reason supports using synchronous remote copy solutions for Business Continuity?

  1. No data loss is the objective

  2. Smallest response time impact to the application

  3. Minimum recovery time is required

  4. Minimal data loss is acceptable

Answer: C

Question No: 10

Customer has planned to install a new z13 in their datacenter with non-raised floor rooms. Which z13 features should be considered in addition to top exit I/O?

  1. Top exit airflow, radiator cooling

  2. Top exit power, radiator cooling

  3. Top exit power, water cooling

  4. Line chord plan ahead, radiator cooling

Answer: D

Reference: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/la/documents/imc/br/commons/ P6_Installation_Migration_Planning_1_1.pdf (p.7)

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