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IBM z Systems Solutions Sales V7

Question No: 41

Which of the following environments could be supported by zBC12 Model H06?

  1. CF with six ICFs

  2. One CP with four zIIPs

  3. Six CPs with two redundant spare processors

  4. Linux on z Systems LPAR with 256 GB memory

Answer: A

Question No: 42

IBM mobile security is designed to secure mobile devices, apps and content with:

  1. IBM MobileFirst Presence Zones.

  2. IBM MobileFirst Protect.

  3. IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile.

  4. IBM MobileFirst for iOS.

Answer: B


Question No: 43

A resiliency plan must address which of the following business requirements?

  1. Comply with software terms and audit requirements.

  2. Provide intrusion detection and security.

  3. Prepare for scheduled and unscheduled events.

  4. Address government data privacy regulations and guidelines.

Answer: B

Question No: 44

A z Systems government client is out of capacity on their installed z196. They anticipate a 10% annual growth rate in their DB2 workload over the next three years. The procurement process is complex, but they have budget money available now for a processor upgrade to z13. Unfortunately, their ongoing software costs are a concern.

Which recommendation will best meet this client’s needs?

  1. Purchase the capacity needed for the current workload and add the CBU feature to handle the anticipated future growth.

  2. Purchase enough capacity to meet the current need and then purchase additional capacity increments later as the workload grows.

  3. Purchase enough capacity to meet the anticipated future need, but activateonly what is needed today. Activatethe additional capacity later as the workload grows.

  4. Purchase the capacity needed today and add the On/Off Capacity on Demand feature with post-paid tokens to provide the additional capacity required as the workload grows.

Answer: C

Question No: 45

An installed z Systems customer has asked for assistance determining what size processor would be needed to handle their future growth. They estimate growth of approximately 5% a year for the next five years.

Which of the following would be the most appropriate action?

  1. Use the customer’s growth estimate and an IBM MIPs chart to project requirement.

  2. Perform a z Systems assessment using the RACEv tool.

  3. Engage ATS to benchmark the customer’s workload.

  4. Perform a zCP3000 analysis.

Answer: A

Question No: 46

An existing z Systems banking customer is considering a deployment of a new anti-fraud banking application on z/OS running on a zEC12. There areafew competitive solutions also under consideration.

Which of the following is a compelling TCO proposition to deploy the workload on z Systems?

  1. CMP (Country Multiplex Pricing)

  2. Mobile Workload Pricing for z/OS

  3. z Systems Flexible MIPS Bank

  4. zCAP (Collocated Application Pricing)

Answer: D

Question No: 47

IT management is proposing to senior management that they adopt a cloud solution to meet a critical requirement.

Which customer requirement would a cloud solution satisfy?

  1. Faster provisioning of new IT infrastructure

  2. Reduced IT costs

  3. Improved Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis practices

  4. Improved IT security

Answer: B

Question No: 48

What are the three strategic virtualization platforms on z Systems?

  1. PR/SM, z/VM, and KVM

  2. KVM, PowerVM, and PR/SM

  3. z/VM, KVM, and VMware

  4. PR/SM, z/VM, and VMware

Answer: A

Reference:http://www- 01.ibm.com/common/ssi/ShowDoc.wss?docURL=/common/ssi/rep_ca/1/897/ENUS215- 261/index.htmlamp;request_locale=en

Question No: 49

A prospective new z Systems customer is interested in anentry-levelsystem with the lowest cost application development environment. There should be options for multiple capacity settings and a small mix of specialty engines. They also have small I/O attachment requirements and very low growth requirements.

Which z Systems capacity setting would be the lowest capacity starting point for the customer discussion?

A. zBC12 A01

B. z13 401

C. z13 701

D. zBC12 M01

Answer: A


01.ibm.com/common/ssi/ShowDoc.wss?docURL=/common/ssi/rep_ca/1/897/ENUS113- 121/index.htmlamp;request_locale=en

Question No: 50

A customer has identified their workload requirements for a replacement z Systems processor. The sizing has been completed. The CIO is considering a three-year plan for this upgrade. The CIO is asking the sales specialist for advice.

Which of the following capabilities allow customers to better manage their workload requirements, considering cost and growth?

  1. IBM SmartCloud and CloudBurst

  2. SpecialtyEngines and Linux

  3. Granularity and Capacity on Demand

  4. Plan Ahead Capacity and CBU

Answer: C

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