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IBM z Systems Solutions Sales V7

Question No: 1

A customer is complaining about the perceived DB2 high MLC costs, and is considering offloading DB2 from the mainframe to distributed systems.

What is thefirststep the marketing team should take?

  1. Agree with the customer and work with the IBM Systems group to create a discount.

  2. Propose IBM DB2 Solution Edition.

  3. Propose a migration of DB2 for z/OS to Linux on z Systems to lower the software costs.

  4. Check whether or not the client is leveraging specialty processors such as zIIPs.

Answer: D

Question No: 2

Which of the following is a System of Engagement?

  1. CICS Mobile Feature Pack and Mobile Extension

  2. IBM MobileFirst Platform

  3. IBM DataPower

  4. WebSphere Liberty Profile z/OS Connect

Answer: C

Question No: 3

A new customer asks the z Systems sales professional to explain how IBM provides investment protection for their z Systems hardware.

Which of the following responses is correct regarding investment protection for the hardware?

  1. Latest generation z Systems processors reuse n-2 version of I/O and memory cards.

  2. Applications developed for System/360 are binary-compatible with today’s z/Architecture.

  3. z Systems customers can upgrade their n-2 systems to latest generation systems.

  4. z Systems servers are used by more Fortune 500 customers than any other systems.

Answer: C

Question No: 4

A customer has a requirement to run multiple versions of z/OS on the same IBM z Systems server.

Which of the following allows a customer to run multiple copies of z/OS?

  1. VMware

  2. HiperSockets

  3. PR/SM

  4. HiperDispatch

Answer: C

Question No: 5

Which of the following is a Continuous Availability Solution for planned and unplanned outages?

  1. GDPS / MzGM

  2. GDPS / PPRC

  3. GDPS / Global Mirror

  4. GDPS / XRC

Answer: A


Question No: 6

A customer is interested in consolidating more of their x86 applications on z Systems. They understand the benefits, but are concerned about cost.

TCA = Total cost of Acquisition

TCO = Total cost of Ownership over 3 years What should the seller emphasize?

  1. Although the TCO may be higher than competitors, the TCA may be lower.

  2. Although TCO may be lower than competitors, the software costs may be higher.

  3. Although the TCA and software costs may be lower than competitors, the energy costs may be higher.

  4. Although the TCA may be higher than competitors, the TCO may be lower.

Answer: B

Question No: 7

Which z Systems specialty engine should be offered to a customer who wants to run their DB2 for z/OS data warehouse on a z13 server with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership?

  1. zIIP

  2. CP

  3. CPACF

  4. IFL

Answer: A

Question No: 8

A potential z Systems customer has 80 front-end web servers to be consolidated.

Which of the following information is essential for the z Systems seller to evaluate the capacity of the existing systems environment?

  1. Server specifications SAP Insight Architecture diagram

  2. Server specifications Inventory report

    SMF output

  3. Server specifications Inventory report CPUMON output

  4. Server specifications Workload descriptions

Capacity and performance utilization

Answer: B

Question No: 9

Users find z/OSMF useful in performing a variety of z/OS system management tasks. Which statement identifies typical uses for z/OSMF?

  1. Live relocation of jobs between LPARs while they are actively running.

  2. Management of all attached disk storage including FCP attached disk to minimize frequent monitoring tasks.

  3. Viewing, defining, and updating policies that affect system behavior and managing z/OS software.

  4. CPU Pooling to enable more cost-effective software pricing.

Answer: C


Question No: 10

Which stakeholder isthe key advocate for the innovation and competitive advantage provided by a Cloud solution?

  1. Chief Financial Officer

  2. Chief Information Officer

  3. Information Technology Manager

  4. Chief Executive Officer

Answer: B

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