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BM Enterprise Storage Technical Support V5

Question No: 31

Which type of business continuity does a customer utilize who makes nighty flash copies at the primary data center?

  1. Backup Strategy

  2. Disaster Recovery

  3. Test and development

  4. Continuous data protection

Answer: A

Question No: 32

What is the next step for a failed installation of an IBM TS4500 where there have been I/O errors that prevent placing the library into production even after replacement of multiple parts and verification of configuration definitions?

  1. Conduct a workshop with customer system administrators and IBM technical field support representatives to jointly resolve the problem

  2. Perform an in-depth problem analysis and follow up with appropriate actions to resolve the issue.

  3. Escalate the issue through the complaint process (CritSit) and explain this process and next steps to the customer

  4. Facilitate a meeting with IBM and customer executives to discuss available options to resolve the situation

Answer: B

Question No: 33

A customer has requested an IBM Spectrum Virtualize solution with capability to make it easy for users to create relevant and meaningful custom reports.

  1. Native IBM Spectrum Virtualize performance tool(s)

  2. IBM Spectrum Control Advanced

  3. IBM Spectrum Control Base

  4. Storage TierOptimizer

Answer: B

Question No: 34

A customer is having issues with enterprise-wide data and device management. The sales person plans to propose IBM Spectrum Control to enable a single-point of management of the underlying hardware.

Which IBM solution provides these core capabilities?

  1. IBM Storwize V3700

  2. IBM XIV

  3. IBM Virtual Storage Center

  4. IBM DS8880

Answer: C

Question No: 35

A solution architect has determined the amount of spindles needed to satisfy performance and RAID level requirements for an IBM DS8880.

Which tool provides information on the number of spare drives included in the system?

  1. Capacity Magic

  2. STAT

  3. DiskMagic

  4. eConfig

Answer: C

Question No: 36

Which data type has the best compression ratio with Real-time Compression?

  1. File and Print

  2. VDI

  3. Virtual Servers

  4. Office files

Answer: D

Question No: 37

As part of a customer data management solution, it is necessary to store its unified data on a low cost solution. A tape library will provide low cost, but the customer’s access to write to tape directly is denied.

Which recommendation enables the customer’s application to access the tape devices?

  1. Implement IBM Spectrum Archive using LTO-6 or TS1150 tape drives in the library

  2. Implement IBM Spectrum Archive Single Drive Edition on all IBM supplied LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6 drives in the library.

  3. Implement IBM Spectrum Virtualize with IBM Spectrum Archive enabled, allowing IBM LTO Drives to act as disks

  4. Implement IBM ProtecTIER with IBM Spectrum Archive, allowing management of tape and VTL disk under a single controller

Answer: A

Question No: 38

Which option in the IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway is a supported host attachment configuration?

  1. IBM Spectrum Archive

  2. Quick File System (QFS)

  3. Open System Technology (OST)

  4. Virtual Tape Library Emulation with SAS Interface

Question No: 39

A customer is having difficulty with managing the heterogeneous storage infrastructure and tracking the performance of SAN-attached devices.

Which IBM product addresses the customer’s immediate concern?

  1. IBM Spectrum Scale

  2. IBM Spectrum Virtualize

  3. IBM Spectrum Accelerate

  4. IBM Spectrum Control

Answer: D

Question No: 40

A customer wants to replace a physical tape environment with a virtual tape library in its open systems environment and is concerned about performance. The solution architect needs to validate performance requirements for a proposed solution.

Which tool is used to capture inputs for the IBM virtual tape library performance tool?

  1. Batch Magic

  2. ProtecTIER planner

  3. IBM Spectrum Scale Protocol Node Sizing Tool

  4. Capacity Magic

Answer: B

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