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Mobile Internet Technology for System Engineers

Question No: 21

Which of these is an operator privilege?

  1. Generate reports

  2. Edit user accounts

  3. Delete user accounts

  4. Assign reports

Answer: A

Question No: 22

Which functionality is in charge of activation, modification, and deactivation of GPRS?

  1. Cisco security services

  2. GPRS tunneling protocol

  3. Session management

  4. GPRS mobility management

Answer: D

Question No: 23

Which statement about Cisco SGSN is true?

  1. Cisco SGSN adheres to defined 3GPP standards for mobility management, packet data, and accounting.

  2. Cisco SGSN can support 2G or 4G Cisco SGSN instance on a single Cisco ASR 5000 system.

  3. Cisco SGSN supports 2G or 4G Cisco SGSN instance on a single Cisco ASR 5000 system.

  4. Cisco SGSN supports single Cisco SGSN and SGSN instances on multiple Cisco ASR 5000 requests.

Answer: A

Question No: 24

How many session Managers (and accompanying aamgrs) can be created per PSC?

  1. Up to 20

  2. Up to 8

  3. Up to 5

  4. Up to 10

Answer: D

Question No: 25

Which of these is characteristic of the GTPP group configuration?

  1. The GTPP group configuration submenu allows you to specify a set of behavior parameters for the CDR collection and transmission activities.

  2. When configuring communication to a CGF, up to eight servers can be configured in the GTPP group.

  3. Only five groups can be created in addition to the default group.

  4. GTPP Groups are not configured in a context.

Answer: A

Question No: 26

What are the two categories into which the replaceable cards fall?

  1. Fan cards and application cards

  2. Linear cards and fan cards

  3. Application cards and linear cards

Answer: C

Question No: 27

Which subsystem task is responsible for distributing the SCTP between the eNodeB and the MMEMGR tasks?

  1. MME Demux Manager

  2. IMSI Manager

  3. Session Manager

  4. MME Manager

Answer: D

Question No: 28

Which logical interface is the communication path between the SGSN and the Cisco GGSN?

  1. MAP interface

  2. Gn interface

  3. Gi interface

  4. Ga interface

  5. IuPS interface

Answer: B

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_2/mw/configuration/guide/mwcfgpov.html#wp100 0954

Question No: 29

Which two statements about the PMM-DETACHED state are true? (Choose two)

  1. A 3G SGSN cannot reach the mobile Subscriber location because the location in unknown.

  2. The Mobile subscriber performs a routing area update of the routing area update if the routing area changes.

  3. The service RNC tracks the location of the mobile subscriber.

  4. The Mobile subscriber location is Known in 3G SGSN with an accuracy of a Serving RNC.

  5. The mobile subscriber and SGSN contexts hold no valid location or routing information for the mobile subscriber.

  6. Signaling towards the HLR is needed if 3G SGSN does not have an MM context for this mobile Subscriber.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 30

Which is the subsystem task that is responsible for performing a centralized IMSI lookup?

  1. Session Managers

  2. MME Demux Managers

  3. IMSI Managers

  4. MME Managers

Answer: C

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