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Microsoft .NET Fundamentals

Question No: 71 – (Topic 1)

Type-safe code accesses only the memory locations:

  1. It is authorized to access.

  2. Of objects on the heap.

  3. Of objects that are static or shared.

  4. Of objects on the stack.

Answer: A

Question No: 72 – (Topic 1)

Which file contains the required .NET settings for an ASP.NET web application?

  1. Default.aspx

  2. Web.config

  3. Global.asax

  4. Site.master

Answer: B

Question No: 73 – (Topic 1)

You create an unmanaged object and use the object. You no longer need the object. What should you do?

  1. Set the value of the variable to null.

  2. Cache the variable#39;s value in a static variable.

  3. Dispose the object to release memory.

  4. Cast the object to its base type.

Answer: C

Explanation: The term quot;unmanaged resourcequot; is usually used to describe something not directly under the control of the garbage collector. For example, if you open a connection to a database server this will use resources on the server (for maintaining the connection) and possibly other non-.net resources on the client machine, if the provider isn#39;t written entirely in managed code.

This is why, for something like a database connection, it#39;s recommended you write your code thusly:

using (var connection = new SqlConnection(quot;connection_string_herequot;))


// Code to use connection here


As this ensures that .Dispose() is called on the connection object, ensuring that any unmanaged resources are cleaned up.

Question No: 74 – (Topic 1)

What is the characteristic of a delegate?

  1. A type-safe function pointer

  2. An object that raises an event

  3. A tightly coupled event

  4. A property function that includes optional parameters

Answer: A

Explanation: The .NET Framework defines a special type (Delegate) that provides the functionality of a function pointer.

A delegate is a class that can hold a reference to a method. Unlike other classes, a delegate class has a signature, and it can hold references only to methods that match its signature. A delegate is thus equivalent to a type-safe function pointer or a callback.

Question No: 75 – (Topic 1)

Where are the command line arguments stored for a console application?

  1. In a value-type parameter that is passed to the Main method.

  2. In the Console.In property.

  3. In a string array parameter that is passed to the Main method.

  4. In the Console.Read() method.

Answer: C

Question No: 76 – (Topic 1)

What is the purpose of the app.config file?

  1. To configure the version of .NET targeted by the application.

  2. To load references to third-party libraries used by the application.

  3. To find out the programming language of the application.

  4. To configure the target operating system of the application.

Answer: A

Question No: 77 – (Topic 1)

You create a class library named Contoso.Business. The library is used in a Windows application named Contoso.Ui.

In which file should you store application configuration settings during deployment?

  1. Web.config

  2. Machine.config

  3. Contoso.Ui.config

  4. Contoso.Business.config

Answer: C

Explanation: The project system stores application settings in two XML files: an app.config file, which is created at design time when you create the first application setting; and a user.config file, which is created at run time when the user who runs the application changes the value of any user setting.

Question No: 78 – (Topic 1)

You need to create an access rule that allows a user named UserA in MyDomain to read the contents of the Log.txt file.

Which code segment should you use?

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Option A

  2. Option B

  3. Option C

  4. Option D

Answer: B

Question No: 79 – (Topic 1)

Which describes an interface?

  1. Allows managed code to access unmanaged code.

  2. Contains code that implements properties, methods, and events.

  3. A template that defines a set of properties, methods, and events.

  4. Can be changed after it has been published.

Answer: C

Question No: 80 – (Topic 1)

Connection strings in the web.config file are:

  1. Automatically encrypted when the project is published.

  2. Automatically encrypted by the web server.

  3. Stored in binary format.

  4. Stored in clear text unless they are encrypted.

Answer: D

Explanation: When working with data source controls it is recommended that you centralize the location of your connection strings by storing them in the application#39;s Web.config file. This simplifies the management of connection strings by making them available to all of the ASP.NET pages in a Web application. In addition, you do not need to modify numerous individual pages if your connection string information changes. Finally, you can improve the security of sensitive information stored in a connection string, such as the database name, user name, password, and so on, by encrypting the connection string section of the Web.config file using protected configuration.

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