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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration

Question No: 1

You plan to entity mapping to replicate data from a text field between two related entities. For which scenario can you replicate data?

  1. The target field is already mapped to a different source field.

  2. The length of the source field is smaller than the destination field

  3. The two entities are in a N:N relationship.

  4. The new record is created and then related to the parent record

Answer: B

Question No: 2

A group of users must be able to associate a time zone with a record.

You need to implement the required functionality by using native Microsoft Dynamics 365 features.

Which field type should you use?

  1. option set

  2. multiple lines of text

  3. whole number

  4. lookup

Answer: C

Question No: 3

You implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customers.

A customer reports that their sales support staff is taking too much time updating the probability on opportunities.

You must display an Editable Grid control when users view the Opportunity entity from the web. You must display a read-only grid when users view opportunities on a tablet device.

What should you do?

  1. On the Opportunity entity, clear the Enable for mobile setting.

  2. On the Outlook and Mobile Settings page for the Opportunity entity, configure the Organization data download filter.

  3. On the Opportunity entity, select the Tablet option for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Read- only Grid setting.

  4. On the Opportunity entity, select the Read-only in mobile setting

Answer: A

Question No: 4

You create a custom entity. Records are created by users through the user interface, and through a backend Integration. You must combine two fields to populate a new field that will replace the name field on the entity. You need to ensure that the new field displays a result immediately after a new record is saved. What should you use?

  1. a background workflow

  2. JavaScript code on the record form

  3. a form-scoped business rule

  4. a calculated field

Answer: B

Question No: 5

You have an environment that includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Exchange Online. Email messages between Microsoft Dynamics and Exchange are synchronizing correctly.

You need to ensure that appointments, contacts, and tasks are synchronized.

What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. Configure the default synchronization method for appointments, contacts, and tasks to use server-side synchronization.

  2. Configure the default synchronization method for appointments, contacts, and tasks to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

  3. Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to POP3/SMTP servers.

  4. Set up the email router.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 6

You are implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a medical center.

You need to implement the Connection functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to display family relationships between patients.

What should you do?

  1. Create a new entity named Connection Role that allows staff to connect the Contact records for family members.

  2. Configure a 1:N relationship between the Contact entity and Relationship entity.

  3. Specify the Connection Roles that describe the relationship.

  4. Crate a new Activity entity to describe the relationship.

Answer: D

Question No: 7

A sales team member creates a chart.

You need to make the chart available to all members of the sales team. What should you do?

  1. Download and use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Report Authoring Extension.

  2. Ask the team member to export the data used by the chart.

  3. Export the chart XML and import it into system charts.

  4. Ask the team member to share the chart with other sales team members.

Answer: D

Question No: 8

Which two of the following are valid security role permissions? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. Deactivate

  2. Share

  3. Edit

  4. Append

Answer: C,D

Question No: 9

You need to configure Microsoft OneNote integration for an organization#39;s Microsoft Dynamics 365 case entity. Which two components should you enable? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. Microsoft Office 365 groups

  2. document management for the entity

  3. Interactive Service Hub

  4. server-based Microsoft SharePoint integration

  5. Microsoft OneDrive integration

Answer: D,E

Question No: 10

You are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator for a real estate company.

The sales team wants to use mobile devices to update opportunities and gain insights about customers while they are out of the office.

You need to instruct the sales team on how to install mobile apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

To which two locations should you direct the sales team members? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. the Settings (Personal Options) page in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  2. the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play App Store, or Windows Store

  3. a specific Microsoft SharePoint site

  4. a Microsoft OneDrive for Business folder

Answer: A,B

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