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Oracle GoldenGate 11g Certified Implementation Exam Essentials

Question No: 21

To meet a business requirement for latency, Carlos wants to break long-running source transactions into shorter commits on the target database with the replicate parameter MAXTRANSOPS what is the most important thing Carlos should consider before using MAXTRANSOPS

  1. Will business logic be lost if transaction boundaries are changed?

  2. Will a large number of small commits perform better than a smaller number of large commits?

  3. Will redo buffer size on the target database be adequate for the commit size?

  4. Will the sequence of operations be affected by changing transaction boundaries?

Answer: D Explanation:

In reference guide, page 238: quot;Limitations of useYou should have a valid business case for using MAXTRANSOPS other than simply for thepurpose of expediency. To use MAXTRANSOPS is to alter the transactional integrity that isimposed by the boundaries that are defined by the source application, even though Replicatapplies the operations in the correct order.quot;

Question No: 22

In GoldenGate terms, what is the definition of Extract lag?

  1. The difference in time between when a change is made to source data and when that change is reflected in the target data.

  2. The difference in time between the current times at the target system.

  3. The difference in time between when a change record is received at the target system and when the change is reflected in the target data.

  4. The difference in time between when a change record is processed by the extract and the timestamp of the record in the data source.

Answer: D

Explanation: Reference :


Question No: 23

Which OGG process (es) can change data in database?

  1. Replicat only

  2. Extract only

  3. Extract and Replicat

  4. Extract, Replicat and Manager

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference :


Question No: 24

You have a source installation of OGG l0 that includes an initial extract and datapump to provide a remote trail formatted for a GoldenGate 9.5 Replicat process to consume, which process should be use to convert the data to the earlier format?

  1. From the first Extract process

  2. From the Data Pump process

  3. From replicate process

  4. This feature is not supported in GoldenGate 10.

Answer: A Reference:


Question No: 25

You are responsible for replication between your central office and twelve regional nodes. What is the best product for you to use to actively monitor thirteen GoldenGate TDM instances and configure email alerts based on process status?

  1. Oracle GoldenGate Director

  2. Oracle GoldenGate Transactional Data Management

  3. Oracle GoldenGate veridata

  4. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor

Answer: A Explanation:

Oracle GoldenGate Director is the only tool for the job.

Incorrect answer:

There isn#39;t a GoldenGate Monitor application

Question No: 26

Which GGSCI command(s) show all available information on both read and write checkpoint for an Extract?

Example: 1 INFO EXTRACT lt;group namegt; Example: 2 INFO EXTRACT lt;group namegt;, DETAIL

Example: 3 INFO EXTRACT lt;group namegt;, SHOWCH

  1. Example 2 only

  2. Example 3 only

  3. Examples 1 and 3

  4. Examples 1 and 2 Answer: B

Explanation: Reference : http://jianmingli.com/wp/?p=1532

Question No: 27

How would you specify the data source for a secondary Extract functioning as a data pump?





Answer: A

Explanation: On page 293 of reference guide, EXTTRAILSOURCE is the parameter to specify data pump

Question No: 28

In order to add delete Replicat processes without specifying a checkpoint table, Gerald has edited the GLOBALS parameter file. To get the change to take effect, Gerald exits from the GGSCI command line, but GGSCI fails to restart. Which solution Is most likely to solve Gerald’s problem

  1. Use a text editor to check the GLOBALS file for syntax errors and fix them

  2. Use the cleanup replicat command

  3. Verify that Oracle environment variables are set correctly

  4. Add the Oracle GoldenGate Installation directory to the system PATH

Answer: A

Question No: 29

Where can you find a list of the parameters being used by a Replicat process?

  1. System logs

  2. Discard file

  3. Event log

  4. Process report

Answer: D

Explanation: http://gjilevski.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/monitoring-processes-and- processing-status-in-oracle-goldengate/

Question No: 30

Which process (es) maintain a checkpoint file?

  1. Extract only

  2. Replicat only

  3. Both Extract and Replicat

  4. Server collector

Answer: C Reference:


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