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Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

Question No: 41

Which design enables easy and flexible scaling in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture model?

  1. modular

  2. top-down

  3. bottom-up

  4. full-mesh

Answer: A

Question No: 42 DRAG DROP

Drag the term on the left to the matching deployment scenario on the right.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE


Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Question No: 43

Which mode is used to exclusively look for unauthorized access points?

  1. monitor mode

  2. sniffer mode

  3. rogue detector mode

  4. local mode

Answer: C

Question No: 44

Which option is a benefit of Cisco Discovery Protocol?

  1. provides information about directly connected Cisco devices

  2. provides greater detail about collected data, including time stamping

  3. part of the IEEE 802 1ab standard

  4. combines with the network layer data that is gathered by NetFlow when using a NetFlow collector

Answer: A

Explanation: Cisco Discovery Protocol (formerly known as CDP) is a Layer 2, media- independent, and network-independent protocol that runs on Cisco devices and enables networking applications to learn about directly connected devices nearby. This protocol facilitates the management of Cisco devices by discovering these devices, determining how they are configured, and allowing systems using different network-layer protocols to learn about each other.

Question No: 45

Which two options should be used to achieve fast convergence in an OSPF network? (Choose two.)

  1. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

  2. fast hellos

  3. LSA retransmission interval

  4. SPF throttle timers

  5. LSA group pacing

Answer: A,B

Question No: 46

Which four services does the architecture for Media Services contain? (Choose four.)

  1. access services

  2. transport services

  3. storage services

  4. forwarding services

  5. session control services

  6. security services

  7. filtering services

  8. remote access services

Answer: A,B,C,E Explanation:

An architecture framework for media services supports different models of video models. As shown in Figure 14-13, the network provides service to video media in the Media Services Framework. Those services are access services, transport services, bridging services, storage servers, and session control services, which arc provided to endpoints. Access services provide identity of end devices, mobility, and location services.

Transport services provide QoS for reliable packet delivery.

Bridging services provide transcoding, conferencing, and recording services of media streams.

Storage services provide capture and storage of media streams and content management and distribution.

Session control services provide session signaling and control and gateway services.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Question No: 47

What are two important aspects to consider when looking at backup circuit options for a branch location? (Choose two)

  1. local exchange carrier diversity

  2. type of dynamic routing protocol

  3. type of core switch

  4. backup MPLS connection

  5. Internet service provider diversity

Answer: B,E

Question No: 48

An organization is redesigning a 3-tier hierarchical network into a collapsed core. What design issue is a primary concern per Cisco best practices?

  1. services delineation

  2. port density

  3. feature availability

  4. resource utilization

Answer: D

Question No: 49

Which statement describes an advantage of the Layer 2 access model over the Layer 3 access model in the data center?

  1. It supports NIC teaming.

  2. It removes STP dependency.

  3. It increases scalability.

  4. It improves convergence time.

Answer: A

Question No: 50

Where in the network hierarchy should network access control be performed?

  1. backbone

  2. core

  3. access

  4. distribution

Answer: C

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