Download New Updated (June) Microsoft 70-482 Practice Test 81-90

Ensurepass  QUESTION 81 You are developing an application. The application calls a method that returns an array of integers named customerIds. You define an integer variable named customerIdToRemove and assign a value to it. You declare an array named filteredCustomerIds.   You have the following requirements.   Remove duplicate integers from the customerIds array. Sort the array in order from the highest value to the lowest value. Remove the integer value stored in the customerIdToRemove Read more […]

Download New Updated (June) Microsoft 70-482 Practice Test 41-50

Ensurepass  QUESTION 41 DRAG DROP You are developing an application that includes a class named Warehouse. The Warehouse class includes a static property named Inventory- The Warehouse class is defined by the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)     You have the following requirements:   Initialize the _inventory field to an Inventory instance. Initialize the _inventory field only once. Ensure that the application code acquires a lock only when Read more […]