Download New Updated (June) Microsoft 70-464 Practice Test 101-110

Ensurepass  QUESTION 101 DRAG DROP You plan to create a custom aggregation function named Function1.   You plan to deploy Function1 to SQL Server 2012.   You need to ensure that Function1 can access a web service. The solution must minimize the number of changes made to the database.   You create a Microsoft .NET Framework class that contains the definition of Function1.   You upload a certificate to SQL Server.   What three tasks should you perform next?   To answer, Read more […]

Download New Updated (June) Microsoft 70-464 Practice Test 81-90

Ensurepass  QUESTION 81 You execute the following code:     You need to select the task that has an IsFinished value of true from the Project that has an Id value of 1. Which code segment should you use?     A. Option A B. Option B C. Option C D. Option D   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 82 You are creating a table to support an application that will cache data outside of SQL Server. The application will detect whether cached values were changed Read more […]

Download New Updated (June) Microsoft 70-464 Practice Test Topic 3, Scenario 3

Ensurepass  Topic 3, Scenario 3   Application Information You have two servers named SQL1 and SQL2. SQL1 has SQL Server 2012 Enterprise installed. SQL2 has SQL Server 2008 Standard installed.   You have an application that is used to manage employees and office space. Users report that the application has many errors and is very slow.   You are updating the application to resolve the issues. You plan to create a new database on SQL1 to support the application. The script that Read more […]